Well, now that this family blog has been going for a while, I thought I should drop in and write a few lines.

私、エマのパパがこの前、ロードバイクを買わせていただきました。過去5年ぐらい、「ちゃり買わせて」といいながら、突然に許可を得て、早速注文しました。 まあ、せっかくだから、ちょっと贅沢しました



I'm Emma's dad, and this dad just bought himself (with permission from Emma mama of course) a new pushbike.

I've always been a fan of cycling, and a couple of chance meetings with some local riders has renewed my passion for the sport.

Oh, by the way, if you're unlikely to find this interesting and would prefer to read about, say, my daughter picking radishes, I've provided a link here for your convenience:


Alright, everybody's interested, so who wants to see my bike? Come on, I know you do...You're about to get the full tour!

Before I show the pics, here are the specifications:

1. Frame: Iwai Sports (Kurume) - carbon and aluminium
2. Groupset: Campagnolo Centaur 2007
3. Handlebar and stem: Cinelli Vai
4. Rims: Mavic Aksium
5. Saddle: Selle San Marco
6. Pedals: Look Keo Classic
7. Price: POA

For any other cyclists out there, the routes we take are varied, but always start at Nanbei Bike Shop in Fujisaki, 7am on both Saturday and Sunday. It's casual riding, but the guys take it pretty seriously. There are some very strong riders in the group, which is usually 7 or 8 guys on Saturdays, and up to 15 on Sundays. Probably more as the weather warms up.

So from Fujisaki we head either south up into the mountains, or west along R202 and head out to Itoshima. The most common track is a combination of both, mountains first, then northwest out to Itoshima - the best bit is we don't have to retrace our tracks, it's a loop course. If we really want to destroy ourselves we will head up the Itaya pass, a hill climb of no less than 30 corners! A ride up to the edge of Saga prefecture is also very good.

Most rides will stop at Suginoya Brewery/Bakery, nice for a coffee and croissant before the short ride home.

I cover about 70kms when I go out on each ride.

OK, 'nuf of that, here's what you've all been waiting for:

The beast, in profile:

From the front. Check the Campag "skeleton" brakes, new for 2007

Crank and front deraileur (still with the protecting plastic on the crank)

Front hub

Rear Campag Centaur deraileur (part carbon)

Just about finished...

Myself and one of my Aussie mates who I ride with

And me at the top of Magarifuji Dam last Saturday, just outside Fukuoka city

Most of these were taken the day I bought the bike. As you can imagine I have plenty more pics, so if you'd like to see more I'm more than happy to send them through!

It's only been a couple of months since I got the bike, however it's a great way to clear the mind on the weekend, and enjoy nature's sights and sounds.

Praying for good weather again this weekend...







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